Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bridging the Divide

(Inspired by my dear sisters, Grrr-Arg and Sandyg)

It has been said of the United States and the United Kingdom, "Two great nations divided by a single language."

Seems a shame that in these times, such differences between two peoples would exist. We all have the same hopes, the same dreams; we all share this planet. Let us work together to bridge this divide that parts us as surely as the Atlantic parts our lands.

I therefore offer this as a olive branch to my brothers and sisters of the UK: The English to American dictionary.

No more will we wallow in the dark ages of miscommunications, cultural misunderstandings and embarassing slips of tongue. At last, peace shall reign and all will again be right with the world. Now get out there and knock up a friend!


Anonymous Grrr-Arrgh said...

Elengil,I'm really enjoying your blog. Very interesting topics you choose to discuss. Thanks for the dictionary link. I've got it bookmarked now, so hopefully I won't go knocking anyone up by accident!;-)

12:29 AM  
Anonymous sandyg said...

And I'm having no difficulty leaving a note this morning...perhaps the tie-up last night was just a server issue...or possibly you were posting your next entry at the same time? In any case, like your blog, mei-mei!

2:57 AM  
Blogger elengil said...

((huggles)) grrr and sandy. :D

Glad you're liking it! And yes, I absolutely love that dictionary, I just about fall off my chair laughing every time I read it.

Then again, I've always loved British humour ;)

11:45 AM  

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