Tuesday, March 07, 2006


One of the music styles I've discovered recently (within the last two years) has been the modern Nordic. Groups such as Garmarna, Hedningarna, Gjallarhorn and more have tickled perhaps my ancient herritage in my blood and are more and more gracing my music collection.

I'm not sure why, but this one was in my head today and I thought I'd share with you the english version. Maybe I'm feeling especially lovey towards my dad ;)

The title of the song is Gamen in Swedish, meaning Vulture in English. It follows what I understand to be a very old Nordic tradition of animals that speak and either hinder or help humans.


King Vallemo was a wise old man.
He married off his daughter in a foreign land.

One day she stood in her bridal gown,
The next in bands of iron bound.

"And why do you do this to me?"
"For you were no maiden when you came to me."

"Oh had I a trusty friend and true
To carry these words to my father now!"

Then the old vulture came to her:
"Let me be your speedy messenger.

"If I could get food for my young from you,
I could be there in an hour or two."

"Then lay your young at my breast, if you will,
So that while you are gone they may eat their fill."

"King Vallemo, here you sit free from sorrow.
Your daughter will burn at the stake tomorrow."

"Fly away, old vulture, as quick as you can -
My daughter has married an honest man."

"If you won't believe what you hear from me
Look here at my claw, I am carrying her key.

" King Vallemo into the stable strode,
Saddled his black horse, and off he rode.

And when they came to the foreign lord's hall
The black horse whinnied high up on the wall.

The black horse lifted his mighty foot
And struck the lord in his cruel heart's root.

Then the king and his daughter sat on the black steed
And rode back home at a gentle speed.


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