Monday, March 13, 2006

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Well... that proved to be an interesting weekend. Yes.

Those are the kinds of rants I only go on when I've had a few glasses of wine and the usual 'social barriers' are a bit less... solid and I allow myself to rant about things I usually don't rant about.

So there we have it. I don't think I'll delete it cause I meant everything I said, however unelloquently I managed to put it. JRR Tolkien, I think, put it pretty close to what I feel also when he wrote in Lord of the Rings, Sam looking upon the slain Haradrim and wondering if the man was really evil, or what lies or threats drove him to war.

I don't think the people who fight wars are evil in general. The people who start them quite often are. The people who fight them are usually the citizens who have little choice in the matter. That said, I think war can certainly bring out evil in people.

I'm not sure I would say that a person's true colours come out in such circumstances, because I don't think that necessarily that our reactions to the most extreme hardships are necessarily good indicators of 'who we really are' though certainly to some degree I'd say it breaks down whatever facade we put up for ourselves.

There is a point at which such pressures do reveal the truth of a person, and then there is a fine line across which the true person is even lost and what emerges is more of an animal based purely on instict and survival.

I don't mean that in a derogatory way, but in a literal way. There must be a point at which the human mind and human reason simply can no longer cope with the experiences and reverts back to instinct and survival and what is done is no longer the true person either.

So somewhere in between having our careful facades in place and losing our humanity entirely there exists that middle ground where I would agree the true person resides. That is when we see if the person is truly evil or no.

As Sandmonkey often says "Why don't we see this in the media?"... there are lots of things I've seen out of Iraq that I just beat my own head on the desk and wonder why no one (or at least, so few and rarely) ever report on these things.

What things, you ask? The US soldier who turned his rifle on his fellows to defend what was right. I saw a brieft two sentance mention of this incident in an article about something else entirely. Those are the soldiers who deserve medals and awards for being true to their oaths. G-d bless those kids who are strong enough to stand up for what is right even in those circumstances.

That's just one example. I don't have time at the moment to relate all the examples I have in my head, but it's little things like that that give me hope for the future.

Anyway... I promise I'll have a happier post tomorrow.


Blogger Steven said...

Nice blog. Whats up with the US soldiers you mentioned?

9:38 AM  
Blogger elengil said...

I can't provide links or details, most of it is things I've read along the way and a lot of it is old.

But basically it's just the fact that you don't hear or read news articles about the good things that are going on in Iraq cause it seems no one cares or no one (doing the reporting) wants to hear about the good side.

We're bombarded with the bad, the evil, the terrible, the awful.. and the good is shuffled asside because it might water down the former.

I got a link sometime ago to a web site (again, don't ask me what the link is, I haven't a clue) with pictures of US soldiers in Iraq that made me cry because they *weren't bad*.

Things like a soldier reaching down to pet a kitten. Or some Iraqi kids running along side a HMV and the sodier is holding the hand of one of the kids (or perhaps passing something out, it's hard to tell)...

Basically it just shows that these kids are still human, and aren't over there acting like raving lunatics as the news would have us believe.

Some are, yes, and that is both tragic and *necessary* to report. But why can't we hear about the soldiers who are over there fighing *for* the Iraqi's, for their freedom and their lives.

Why can't we hear about the good that is being done, the infastructure being built, the schools, the power plants, etc.?

Because it doesn't make for 'good news'. :(

1:29 PM  

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