Saturday, March 18, 2006

Some Good News!

Ok so this isn't "tomorrow" but it is at least the next post and as promised it will be happy!

So, I mentioned that I'm buying a house. Well, one of the conditions from the bank was that I have no other debt because of the amount of the mortgage I was going for.

Well, as of (yesterday now) I am officially 100% debt free (for the next 3 weeks) !!!!

*Happy dance*

I went out to my credit union and paid off the whole of my loan that I took out last year so I could go to Holland and hang with my darling friend Jae (I am soooo going to have to do that again someday!)

Which brings me to why I love my credit union. Sure I have accounts at local banks because it's easier to deposit my check when it's just down the street instead of half an hour away, but I love my credit union because when I walk in, the gal there actually knows me! She not only knows who I am, she knows my family (well, of course we all have accounts there) and asks about how things are going like my trip from last year and how the house buying is coming along!

I can call out there and say my name and get my account balance.. I don't have to try to dig up some 13 digit account number or come in and sign something to prove I'm me! I can get a loan without even showing my drivers license! I just sign on the dotted line on Tuesday and they say, great, the loan committee will review this tomorrow and by thursday you should have your money.

They're just a little credit union, though, for the refinery that my father worked at for 30 some odd years (though with all the post-retirement work he's done there it's probably upwards of 40 now! My dad never seems able to really retire. He's 'retired' about 6 times since he retired. LOL)

So that's my happy news. I love my credit union, my loan is paid off, I should get my house by April 7th, ...

And.. I have pretty pictures too!

Last weekend, through the SCA I went to what is known in the society as an Ithra, which is basically a mini little college where you go and learn about medieval things.

Well, I took some awesome classes this year! Norse Wire Weaving where I made a bracelet entirely out of a single strand of wire woven around itself in a sort of tube, then drawn through successively smaller holes until it is thin and long and jewelry-like. My sister's boyfriend then immediately snitched it, so I don't have a picture of that but it was so easy to make so I'll be making more!

I also took two classes, one on Byzantine dress and the other on Byzantine jewelry! Those people sure loved pearls! Yikes. Gorgeous pieces though, and beautiful clothing. Makes me think I might have to adopt a Byzantine persona as well as my Ottoman one... LOL and I don't even have to 'move' ;)

So that brings me to the class I've taken every year for the last three years... silk dyeing! I looove this class! Instead of using a pattern to trace this year, though, I decided to draw the design by hand. This is what I ended up with: (well bother, blogger is being mean and not uploading the picture so, here's the link to the closeup, and here's the link to the full sized.

I've now gotten the starter kit for this from Dharma Trading and will be setting out to beautify any piece of silk or light cotton I can get my hands on! *grin*

Look for more pictures of those coming .. at some point. I won't say soon cause I know it probably won't be.


Anonymous Imp said...

The silk painting is pretty! You also sound really bubbly and up - makes me feel really bubbly and up in response!

4:16 PM  
Blogger elengil said...

:) (huggles Imp)

11:24 AM  
Blogger Eliza said...

Come on over any time precious. House is open for you :D

4:36 AM  

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