Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Ok I was gonna put up a post a few days ago, but blogger wouldn't let me. *kicks blogger*. But as I can post now, I'm trying to remember what I was gonna originally post about.

This Sucks.

Oh I remember! And it was a rant too. *grin*


So I take belly dance monday nights from a teacher I adore. But being me, and me being addicted to dance of just about any form at all, I am still trying to get into others.

The Jewish folk dance classes I used to take were the first semi-formal dance I had ever had! Twas a blast! Next I took some belly dance classes from a teacher who was alright but I couldn't afford it at the time.

So I started going to a Scottish Country Dance class with a friend of mine. Ooooh that was awesome, unfortunatley it was also almost an hour away and after the first year and with rising gas prices and such, I had to drop that too.

I hate not dancing.

So I found another belly dance teacher that I could afford and this is the one I adore! She's very encouraging and just a lovely dancer herself. Perfect.

I was happy again, I was dancing! *squeek*

Ok so a bit of time passes, and I'm getting itchy to be in another dance class because I'm.. well.. me.

So I get ahold of a Irish Step Dance teacher and ask about her classes. Beginning classes are in the town 45 minutes north. On Monday nights. Crap. Ok well I ask her to let me know if she starts a new beginner class in my town since she does teach down here on Wednesdays but it's not beginning (though to be honest, I could probably jump into intermediate without too much trouble.)

But whatever. Ok. I'll let that go for now.

Then the itch returns and I look up Indian dance classes in my area. In the town an hour to the south, there's a teacher teaching a traditional form of Indian Dance common in the north of India (I forget what it was called now) and I email asking about times and costs.

... You guessed it.. MONDAY NIGHTS. *cries*


But hey, this is a good sign if the worst thing in my life right now is not getting into the dance classes I want. :)


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